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The Acupuncture Sports Medicine Apprenticeship Program
With Whitfield Reaves and staff

Paso Dec 2017

The Acupuncture Sports Medicine Apprenticeship Program is a six-month intensive on sports acupuncture. The course of study is 60 hours, consisting of 3 three-day weekends (20 hours – Friday, Saturday, and Sunday). It covers the diagnosis, assessment, and treatment of common injuries and pain syndromes. In keeping with the “apprenticeship” style of learning, the program is a small group format. In addition to the instruction of Whitfield Reaves, there are three to four assistants who have completed previous apprenticeship programs to support the teaching process. This assures direct supervision, which rarely occurs in the large classroom setting, and is an essential component to this mentorship-style approach which has been such an integral part of traditional Chinese medicine over the centuries.

The Apprenticeship Program is for acupuncture practitioners who want to advance their skills in sports medicine as well as the treatment of pain. The course begins with a review of the important techniques used in the treatment of pain syndromes. We then cover in detail the diagnosis and assessment of over 30 sports-related injuries. This includes very precise instruction on palpation and orthopedic testing. After diagnosis, a systematic four-step approach is used as the “template” for all acupuncture treatment protocols. With instruction and supervised practice, each practitioner increases their knowledge and confidence in the diagnosis, assessment, and treatment of these common injuries.

Those who complete this course receive a Certificate of Achievement in Acupuncture Sports Medicine.

What makes our program unique?
• Our apprenticeship trainings are small mentorship-style groups, always limited in size
• We offer direct one-on-one supervision on location, palpation, and treatment techniques
• Integrate anatomical and orthopedic assessment into a traditional Chinese acupuncture setting
• Learn to use precision with your needle technique like you have never imagined
• Feel comfortable and confident as you assess and treat your injury and pain patients

The Shoulder and Upper Extremity 2024

The weekend starts with the all important supraspinatous and infraspinatous muscles, which refer pain to various parts of the shoulder and the arm. This can easily be missed by the unsuspecting practitioner not trained in pain referral patterns. Also included is the AC joint, the bicipital tendon, the levator and posterior neck muscles, the elbow, the wrist… and a lot more! We will also include assessing and treating shoulder and neck posture. Every patient needs that! This module will change the way you approach treating neck and shoulder pain, and we feel sure this 20 hour course will increase your confidence as you approach these patients.
The infraspinatous

Oakland, California
February 16, 17, & 18, 2024
Instructors: Whitfield Reaves, Jenny Nieters, and staff

The Low Back and Hip 2024

Learn how to approach low back and hip pain from the perspective of "the triad". These important structures are the gluteus medius, the quadratus lumborum, and the sacral-iliac joint, and are involved in most if not all patients with lumbo-sacral pain. We will also include support of back posture with new and revealing treatments using the "core muscles". And every patient needs to stabilize their core.

This module will forever change your perspective on the causes and treatments of back pain. This 20 hour course will give you more comfort treating those acute back pain patients where needles are not always welcome by the patient!

Oakland, California
April 12, 13, & 14, 2024
Instructors: Whitfield Reaves, Jenny Nieters, and staff

The Lower Extremity 2024

This 20 hour course will be well received by those treating athletic and active patients. There is information you must know, and treatments where confidence and precision is essential. This weekend has a long list of injuries that occur to runners, cyclists, and even those who walk for their primary exercise. This includes hamstring strain, patello-femoral joint pain, ligament sprain of the knee, shin splints, achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, ankle sprain… The list goes on and on with the repetitive stress that occurs in the varied anatomical structures of the lower extremity. It is important to know these injuries, and perfect how to assess them and treat them effectively.
The foot

Oakland, California
September 13,14, & 15, 2024
Instructors: Whitfield Reaves, Jenny Nieters, and staff

20 CEUs/PDAs for each three-day weekend
Courses may be taken separately and in either site location
Completion of all three weekends earns a
Certificate of Achievement in Acupuncture Sports Medicine

Cost: $1,400.00 for this three-day weekend
20 PDAs/CEUs approved by the NCCAOM and the state of California.
For questions, email Mary Saunders LAc:

For details on the site locations, and for an application, please contact us.
Email: Mary Saunders LAc

Whit and assistants 2
In our teaching programs, skilled and prepared practitioners support the learning environment.
I consider this one of the key features that makes our courses so effective and well-received.

Individualized Mentoring Sessions
With Whitfield Reaves

From early January to the end of May, 2024, Whitfield will offer Mentoring Sessions in Hawaii. In cohort groups of two, three, or four practitioners, take the opportunity for in-depth study with Whitfield at his office on Maui. Review, repetition, precision… all paths to mastering your skills in sports acupuncture.

For questions, email Mary Saunders LAc:


From K.S. in Australia
Following on from your terrific workshop in Melbourne in June and utilizing the excellent Acupuncture Handbook, I continue to have outstanding results in my practice of sports/orthopedic/musculoskeletal acupuncture. It has gone to another level altogether. Of course one always gains inspiration and a few pearls that stick after an acupuncture workshop, but your approach and teaching is truly of a different quality altogether. Thank you indeed for what you do…

From S.L. in USA
I wanted to thank you again! I've been in practice 4 years now. And if you remember, I took your courses while in my last 6 months of the OM program. I truly believe that what I learned from you – and your book that I still regularly use – has been the reason I've had a busy practice for all this time. So thank you dear mentor, colleague and friend!

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